How to contact us

If you liked the icons on this website, let Alison know. She could do with the encouragement!

AlisonYou can email her at

Alison produces most of her Icons as private commissions. None of the Icons shown on this website are for sale, they were either produced as commissioned works or for herself.

If you would like a handpainted icon of your favourite saint, or a representation of Christ (traditional or contemporary), get in touch with her and discuss your requirements.

Icons can bring an extra spiritual dimension to a room in your home, office, a church or religious establishment, even a retail space. Sizes can range from miniatures to large wall pieces. You don't have to be Greek or Russian to get something out of Icons (!) - whether it's merely enjoyment of their beauty or a deep spiritual feeling and connection to the subject matter.

Alison's Icons are created not just with paint but also with devotion - and it shines through.

Initially, email Alison at with some idea of your requirements and your own contact details (no obligation of course).