Welcome to Iconophilia

This is a website about Icons. No, not the type you use on your computer and games consoles! This is about the Icons that have been a means of religious expression and devotion for centuries, especially in the Orthodox Christian Churches.

All the Icons on this website have been produced by Alison. Most were private commissions, some for churches or clergy. Others were produced by Alison purely for her own spiritual expression. Most have been painted directly onto wood, using the beauty of the grain to inform and influence the art itself. Alison is a committed Christian, a Vegetarian and believes in the sanctity of Life, so she doesn't use those traditional iconographic materials that involve the death of various creatures (such as rabbits).

If you like the Icons on this site please take the time to tell Alison, she would appreciate it.

If you would like Alison to produce an Icon for you, get in touch with her to talk about commissions and discuss your specific requirements. These are not prints, each Icon is individually painted and varnished on a specifically selected piece of wood that will complement the subject matter. Alison can produce Icons using the traditional iconography of Russian or Greek Orthodox or contemporary styles that are now becoming popular.

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